Regional Development Australia NT (RDA NT) partnered with Charles Darwin University and Desert Knowledge Australia through the Intyalheme Centre for Future Energy to undertake a study to quantify the nature and extent of the NT’s solar PV panel waste and explore how end-of-life (EOL) management planning could be used to mitigate both the environmental threats posed by solar waste as well offset the potential costs of managing this waste in the future.

As this study is the first of its kind in the NT and the first to focus on this issue in outer regional, remote and very remote areas of Australia, the project sought to provide insights into current policy and practices, barriers and challenges associated with managing this waste, and potential options for managing this waste in the future including opportunities for regional and remote communities. It also includes a data regarding current and future solar waste trajectories in the NT.

The project was funded by RDANT and the NT Government. To read the full report, click here.


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