Grant Assistance

Below are a series of factsheets & templates to assist with your grant applications.


Grant Factsheet – Where to find grants – Identify different pathways available in finding funding to support your project. 

Grant Factsheet – Grant Writing Tips – Ten tips for achieving grant success.

Grant Facthseet – Providing Evidence to Support your Project – A list of places to source and ways to provide evidence

Grant Factsheet – Grant Success or Failure – What things should you consider on completion of your grant application.



Organisation Template – This document can be used to store all relevant information pertaining to your organisation that may be required during the grant application process. 

Project Plan Template – This template will assist you in planning all aspects of your project. 

Project Activities – Complete this document to clearly identify the project proposal. 

GANTT Chart – Use this tool to help you plan, prepare and monitor a project timeline. 

Links to other resources

Contact the RDA NT team for more assistance.

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