The NAWRA Project was a comprehensive review of the CSIRO’s Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment (NAWRA) to identify viable opportunities for irrigated agriculture in the Greater Darwin Region. The aim of this project was to make the NAWRA findings more accessible to industry, and to better inform industry investment decisions.

RDA NT staff worked in collaboration with a local consultant to deliver this project. Stakeholders consulted during the project included the NT Department of Primary Industry and Resources, the NT Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Northern Australia Development Office, NT Farmers and CSIRO. The project report was finished in 2020 and will now be workshopped with these and other stakeholders. The final report can be viewed here.

RDA NT is heavily involved in water planning and management to leverage related investment and commercial opportunities, particularly irrigated agriculture and horticulture. This project relates to RDA NT’s earlier Douglas Daly Agricultural Zone Economic Analysis.